A Team of Experts in AI for the Medical World
AI diagnostics for X-Ray

We are specialized in the processing of medical images and aim at researching new technologies that will expand the medical industry’s reach.
We create never-before-seen services with an active, practical use of technologies, especially AI.

News and Technology Articles

We are a Team of Experts in AI

Our company is specialized in the processing of medical images and conducts research and development for new technologies with the goal of helping to expand the medical industry’s reach. We create never-before-seen services with an active, practical use of technologies, especially AI.

Our company and human resources work in active collaborations to bring the latest innovations to the world of tomorrow.

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News and Technology Articles

Here, you will find our company’s latest news and articles about our technologies.

Featured in Nikkei Electronics

Jun 25, 2021
Our efforts were published in a special article in the July issue of Nikkei Electronics.

Our efforts with Nippon Life Insurance Company

Jun 24, 2021
"Nippon Life Insurance Company" The Nippon Life X has been added as a business partner / collaborator.

Nikkei XTECH

Featured in Nikkei XTECH

Jun 1, 2021
Nikkei XTECH picked up our microchip solution.

Nikkei Didital Health

Featured in Nikkei Didital Health

Jun 1, 2021
Nikkei Didital Health picked up our microchip solution.

JIPS academic conference

Contribution to the JIPS academic conference

Jan 15, 2021
Our CEO,Mr.Shiozawa, contributed an article to the magazine for members of the Information Processing Society of Japan.

The Nippon Dental Review

Featured in The Nippon Dental Review

Aug 27, 2020
The identification project by Dental Diagnosis Ai with Tokushima University Hospital was published in The Nippon Dental Review.

Nikkei newspaper picked up our AI-Technology

May 27, 2020
Our research and development was published in Nikkei news paper.

The Innovation platform


Mar 03, 2020
Our joint research was published in European THE INNOVATION NEWS NETWORK.

Dental Diamond

Featured in Dental Diamond journal PDF file

Mar 01, 2020
Our joint research detail information was published in Dental Diamond journal.

Herald Scholarly Open Access

Featured in Herald Scholarly Open AccessPDF file

Jan 07, 2020
Our joint research paper was posted to publish in Herald Scholarly journal. We will continue the research.

Scitech Europa

Featured in British Scitech Europa mediaPDF file

Dec 23, 2019
Our joint research was published in Scitech Europa media.We will also publish the papers on media.

joint research

Started the joint research with UniversityPDF file

Sep 19, 2019
Started to conduct research for personal identification using new technologies with Tokushima University Hospital and Tokushima University. We will contribute to society & technological innovation by our AI technology.

Science Impact Ltd

Featured in British Science Impact mediaPDF file

Aug 7, 2019
Our joint research project with University Hospital as featured in the Science Impact media in England. We will plan on publishing the press release to Japan soon.


Implant microchip business vimeo

July 17, 2019
Start the implant microchip business supported by BIOHAX corp.We expand it to Japanese market with BIOHAX.


AI diagnosing for panoramic dental radiography PDF file

Jun 13, 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered diagnosing for panoramic dental radiography.AI diagnosing can now detect 5 pathologies.

R&D Collaborations

We can share our technologies and knowledge with hospitals, associations and companies seeking to accelerate their R&D.
See below for fields in which a collaboration might be possible.

Medicine in General

Support in the development of technologies that medical facilities need


Support in R&D that aims to bring cutting-edge innovations to the medical industry.


Development of services that are difficult to achieve, by creating technologies that use AI and big data (our two main strengths)

PR Activities

Effective introduction of newly completed technologies and services to the market and press release knowledge

Patent Applications

Assistance in protecting new technologies from competing companies by applying for patents

Overseas Expansion

Support of newly completed technologies’ and services’ expansion to the outside of Japan and support of BPO development using offshore companies

Discussions, Interviews and Recruitment around Development

Whether you are a company considering AI development, a person requesting an interview or if you would like to work with us, please feel free to send us a message.

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